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Center of the World

Here we are at the center of the world - the equator. We watched water a sink on the exact equator line drain straight down. Then we moved the sink just north of the equator where the water drained counter clockwise. Then we moved the sink just south of the equator where the water swirled clockwise as it drained. We also played games like balancing a raw egg on the head of a nail on the equator line or tried to walk the equator line with eyes closed (you always fall over). Fun stuff.

Colorful Crab

Bert takes photos like they belong in a National Geographic magazine. Can you believe the colors on this crab? Their color really makes them stand out on the black lava rocks along the water. Floreana island, Galapagos, Ecuador

Pelican Soars

These pelicans are abundant in some places in the Galapagos. They were fun to watch fly and dive into the water for fish. Galapagos, Ecuador